Irati Mogollón García

She holds a bachelor’s in Sociology from the UPV/EHU and a master’s in Feminist and Gender studies from the same university. She is currently doing her doctoral thesis at the UPV/EHU on collective strategies and systems of life sustainability in the Spanish state.

Her main research has centred around life sustainability strategies, the sociology of everyday life, the feminist economy and collaborative housing for the elderly from an interdisciplinary perspective (architecture, urbanism and sociology). She is a member of the AFIT-Antropologia Feminista Ikerketa Taldea Research Group.


  • “Arquitecturas del cuidado. Viviendas colaborativas para personas mayores, un acercamiento al contexto vasco y las realidades europeas” (Irati Mogollón García and Ana Fernández Cubero, 2016). Work undertaken thanks to a research grant in questions of equality between women and men from the Basque Women’s Institute EMAKUNDE, 2015-2016.

Knowledge transfer and divulgation activities:

She collaborates regularly with local bodies offering lectures, participative workshops and consciousness raising courses on the feminist economy, sustainability strategies for everyday life and on collaborative housing.