Lecturer in Social Anthropology in the Department of Philosophy of Values and Social Anthropology at the University of the Basque Country, until my retirement in 2013. Until May 2017 I continued in the same department as an emeritus collaborator.

My career in research began in 1981 with the team which, under the direction of the anthropologist Teresa del Valle, carried out a study on the situation of women in the Basque Country, a study which was published under the title Mujer Vasca. Imagen y Realidad (Barcelona: Anthropos, 1985). This research, tied to the fact of my membership of the Feminist Movement, was the origin of a focus on Feminist and Gender Anthropology throughout my entire later career.

I defended my doctoral thesis, Relaciones de Género en Donostialdea y en la Ribera de Navarra. Actividad Laboral y Cambio, at the UPV/EHU in 1993. My later research, both individually and in collective projects, was in subjects related to power, change, socialisation processes, mythological figures, conflicts related to calls for equality and sport.

Within my academic activity, I would highlight my participation as Vice Dean of the Faculty of Education Sciences, on two different occasions in my career. Also having formed part of the State Commission on Anthropology Degrees (CEGA), created in 2004 by thirteen universities in the Spanish state, with the aim of establishing a Degree in Anthropology and the professionalization of this discipline; this commission is still in operation today. Lastly, the coordination of distinct Gender and Feminist Anthropology Symposia, together with other colleagues, within the framework of the Anthropology Conferences which the FAAEE (Federation of Anthropology Associations in the Spanish State) has organised every three years since 1980.