She holds a bachelor’s degree in Information Sciences and Social and Political Sciences from the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU). In 2005 she defended her doctoral thesis in the Department of Philosophy of Values and Social Anthropology (UPV/EHU) titled “Euskara, comunidad e identidad : elementos de transmisión, elementos de transgresión”, a work acknowledged through it receiving the First Marqués de Lozoya Prize awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Culture. She is an assistant lecturer in the Social and Cultural Anthropology degree programme taught at the UPV/EHU. She is Director of the Mikel Laboa Chair. She has researched questions linked to the Basque language (Euskara) and culture, young people, free time and sport; principally from a feminist and gender perspective. Her latest publications have been related to bertsolaritza or the oral improvisation characteristic of the Basque Country.

Besides the degrees cited she has also undertaken postgraduate training in the following fields: Basque Culture, Gender and Equality Politics and Sustainable Development.

For several years she was a technician in social and market research in a consultancy and, later, went on to work as the Equality Technician for the Tolosa Town Council in Gipuzkoa. She is currently an assistant lecturer in Social Anthropology at the UPV/EHU. Moreover, she is director of the Mikel Laboa Chair, sponsored by this same university.

She is the author of diverse publications and has taken part in different research projects. Her main areas of research are linked to the anthropology of language and feminist anthropology. She has, regarding these two axes, researched different questions related to the Basque language, Basque culture, women’s participation, young people, sport and free time.

In recent years bertsolaritza has occupied an important position in her research work. Proof of that are the different publications, lectures and talks given on this topic. Currently the body, emotions, gender… are the main focus of her work, from which she analyses both bertsolaritza and Basque culture in general.

The following publications are the result of these interests:

  • Hernández García, Jone M. (2016) “Odolak badu generorik?
Edo zergatik gorputz emeak ez diren bertsoetarako bizitoki“ in Mari Luz Esteban; Jone M. Hernández García (coord.). Etnografia feministak Euskal Herrian. XXI. mendera begira dagoen antropologia. Bilbao: UPV/EHU. UEU; 27-42.
  • Hernández García, Jone M. (2014) “Begiek entzuten dutena. Emakume bertsolariak euskal kulturaren begiradapean”. En: Aizpuru, Alaitz; Altonaga, Bakarne. Diskurtsoak, erainkuntzak, gorputzak. Gorputzen eta binarismo sexualaren eraikuntzaz. Bilbo: Udako Euskal Unibertsitatean,137-153.
  • Hernández García, Jone M. (2012) “Emakume bertsolariak: bertsotik bertsora, hanka puntetan”. En: Alvarez Uria, Amaia y Gema Lasarte. Gorputza eta generoa Euskal kulturan eta literaturan. Bilbo: Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea, 51-67.