She holds a bachelor’s in Sociology (2011) and completed a master’s in Feminist and Gender Studies, receiving an award for best student (2013). She is currently a lecturer in the Department of Sociology II.

Her areas of research to date and in which she is currently working are: socio-political participation, sociology of time, surveys on use of time, sociology of work, domestic and care work and feminist economy.

Research she is carrying out: she recently finished her doctoral thesis on ‘triple presence¡, that is, opportunities and obstacles when it comes to combining on a daily basis domestic and care work, employment and socio-political participation. Her supervisors were Matxalen Legarreta (EHU) and Teresa Torns (UAB) and she was awarded a predoctoral grant by the Ministry of Education (FPU) to carry this out (2013-2017). Moreover, she currently forms part of a research group for the EHUA 18/25 project on the impact of the crisis on the sharing out of and co-responsibility in domestic and care work.

Likewise, she participates actively in social movements, is currently a member of the Bilgune Feminista collective and collaborates with the Emagin association.

Significant publications:

-Sagastizabal, Marina and Legarreta, Matxalen (2016): “«La triple presencia-ausencia»: una propuesta para el estudio del trabajo doméstico-familiar, el trabajo remunerado y la participación sociopolítica”, Papeles del CEIC, 151, 2016-1.

-Sagastizabal, Marina and Luxan, Marta (2015): “Género y uso del tiempo” en Legarreta, M (Ed.): Dos décadas de cambio social en la C.A de Euskadi a través del uso del tiempo. Encuesta de Presupuestos de Tiempo, 1993-2013, Eustat, Vitoria-Gasteiz, 383-423.

-Sagastizabal, Marina (2014): “Vivencias del tiempo social: compaginar la participación política, el cuidado y el empleo” in Araujo, E., Duque, E., Franch, M., Duran, J. (Ed.): Tempos Sociais e o Mundo Contemporâneo – As crises, As Fases e as Ruturas, CECS, Braga (Portugal) 221-232.