Ixone Fernandez de Labastida Medina

IXONE FERNANDEZ DE LABASTIDA is a doctor in Social Anthropology (UPV-EHU). She is currently an adjunct lecturer in the Department of Philosophy of Values and Social Anthropology and Vice Dean of Curricular Practices in the Faculty of Labour Relations and Social Work (UPV-EHU).

Her doctoral thesis deals with local development and anthropology of food in spite of the fact that, since 2012, her principal area of research has been Feminist Anthropology. Since then she has undertaken different projects and carried out assessment tasks in matters of equality for the public administration. In this way she has combined her professional experience as an equality agent with her research interests.

Meanwhile, she has also participated in different conferences related to this subject and in 2017 coordinated the symposium “Theories and Practices surrounding Feminist Anthropology” within the State Conference of Anthropology Associations. Amongst her latest publications on the topic are “Las políticas públicas para la igualdad desde una visión antropológica” (2017, coord. Mari Luz Esteban and Jone Miren Hernandez).