Marina Sagastizabal Emilio-Yus

A Doctor in sociology (2017), she holds a university degree in Feminist and Gender Studies (2013). Her PhD thesis, titled “La triple presencia: estudio sobre el trabajo doméstico-familiar, el empleo y la participación sociopolítica” [The triple presence: a study of domestic-family labour, employment, and socio-political participation] received in 2019 the Micaela Portilla Vitoria Award to the best PhD thesis with a gender perspective from the Equality Board at the University of the Basque Country.

She is currently a lecturer in the department of Sociology and Social work.

Her areas of research to date and in which she is currently working are: citizenship, socio-political participation, sociology of time, surveys on use of time, sociology of work, domestic and care work and feminist economy.

Research she is currently carrying out: she has recently finalised project EHUA 18/25 on the impact of the financial crisis on the distribution and joint responsibility of domestic and care labour; and is currently working on the project, “Nuevas solidaridades, reciprocidades y alianzas: la emergencia de espacios colaborativos de participación política y redefinición de la ciudadanía” [New solidarities, reciprocities, and alliances: the rise of collaborative spaces and the redefinition of citizenship].

Likewise, she is actively involved in social movements, and is currently a member of the Bilgune Feminista as well as collaborating with the association Emagin.