Marta Barba Gassó

MARTA BARBA GASSÓ. Graduated in Sociology (UPV / EHU, 2012) and PhD in Feminist and Gender Studies (UPV / EHU, 2021), she is currently a researcher hired by the Department of Philosophy of Values and Social Anthropology, within the framework of the research project “New Solidarities, reciprocities and alliances: the emergence of collaborative spaces for political participation and redefinition of citizenship ”.

In 2021 she defended the doctoral thesis entitled “A feminist ethnography on seeds, varieties and tomatoes in the Basque Country: Autochthony, trans-species kinship and techno-biopolitics”.

She locates her research within feminist and environmental anthropology, and the main subjects she explores, always from a feminist perspective, include planted biodiversity; reproduction, biotechnology, and diversity; and identity, food, and agriculture. She has also delved into feminist methodology as part of the SIMReF workshop.

She is a member of the Ankulegi Euskal Antropologia Elkartea, Red de Antropología Ambiental, and SIMReF.

Furthermore, she is also involved in developing a feminist perspective outside academia, as as well as in the agricultural sector. She is a member of Aleka (an association working towards agricultural biodiversity), among others, and she has completed various projects with the Basque Country’s Seed Network, as well as carrying out revitalising collective work as part of other associations and collectives.